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Qianerzi Knitted Underwear Factory is located in Shantou, Guangdong, known as the textile town. From the start, the company is committed to the operation of the international professional brand strategy, product design, production and procurement, quality control, marketing and management departments of the organization of the scientific system design, relying on the standard of the production system and advanced management mode, professional sales management, and promote the rapid development of corporate and brand success.Ms. Qianerzi brand company brand products include underwear; the Canman brand underwear; Yingtian the underwear. With the company's unique understanding of the connotation of lingerie and underwear, clever essence of the culture and art of penetration into the product, highlighting the unique product and brand of charm, perfect match, beautiful culture, fashion design, craftsmanship, premium materials, so that each consumer to get Value taste enjoyment and highly recognized by the market and consumers, and praise from the domestic and foreign customers.
     People-oriented, Qianerzi 针织内衣厂 brings together a large number of high-quality professionals and technical in excellent workers, is a vibrant team of professionals. Qianerzi focus on technological innovation, has various equipment of international advanced level.
   Excellence, outstanding product concept identification through to every aspect of carefully selected high-quality fabrics and accessories, to set up a quality control unit, do prenatal, delivery and postnatal testing, strict quality control. Elegant products, the nuances of a full exclusive charm.

The Knitters draw the successful operation of the international modern enterprise strategy, Qianerzi to establish a systematic and comprehensive sales network. We have established a professional customer service department and provide a welcoming service for each customer, and strive to high-quality, high-grade products will continuously push the market show "Qianerzi" style. We will further strengthen cooperation with our customers in good faith, to compete in the sea enterprising future, create brilliant!