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PTT fiber knitted fabrics

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 Compared and polyester, three mechanical performance characteristics of the PTT fiber in that: First, the macromolecular carbon chain of helical structure is given its superior general synthetic elastic recovery properties, and nylon considerable; Second, it has a considerable and wool fibers lower initial modulus, most intuitive performance the same PTT fiber fineness than polyester soft; PTT fiber is much better than the performance of PET fiber extension.
Knitted fabrics has long been loved by consumers for its excellent aptamer and extension. PTT fiber soft touch, drape, scalability and flexibility just to meet the demand of knitted fabrics. PTT fiber tensile elasticity and softness in knitted fabrics can be fully realized. Development of PTT fiber woven fabrics should consider the softness and feel; To consider the flexible, it is recommended to choose PET / PTT since crimped composite fibers. PTT filament or spun yarn, can facilitate the application of existing knitting equipment for processing, and does not require special adjustments to the machine. PTT filament both PTT FDY filament or DTY yarn, knitted fabrics, the filament morphology can be directly applied to knitted fabrics. The former is soft, good elongation properties, which in addition to the PTT macromolecular chains flexible, elastic curled morphology, elasticity is relatively large and relatively fluffy.
The PTT-FDY can be used to develop circular machine class and warp knitting products. Warp knitting brushed fabrics with PTT-FDY development, for example, alternative the traditional PET brushed fabric, make PTT villus stand fabric surface, good fatigue resistance and elastic recovery, improve the traditional PET brushed fabric fluff easily lodging is not easy reply disadvantages. The fabric can be widely used in automotive interior warp knitting brushed fabric, cushions cushions and other home textiles.
Knitting machine products, mostly semi-molding or molding products, spandex covered yarn used mainly to ensure the product's flexibility and shape retention. PTT-DTY can be used to develop products of the knitting machine. Using the PTT-DTY instead of spandex covered yarn interwoven with other fibers blended with Tim yarn organization or rib structure with soybean fiber, cotton and viscose fiber knitted T-shirts, vests, can fully reflect the PTT-DTY flexibility and other characteristics of fibers, and are widely used in knitted underwear, swimwear fabric.
Of PTT staple yarn knitted fabrics. PTT spun yarn and blended yarn characteristics that has good elasticity, softness and unique rich fluffy performance. PTT fiber blended development of all types of knitted fabrics, can be an excellent way to improve the characteristics of the knitted fabrics soft and fluffy. The study shows that, in the role of low elongation, low load, the PTT staple fiber blended knitted elastic recovery performance was significantly higher than the blended knitted fabrics of polyester staple fiber and fabric of PTT fiber-free, and has good fatigue resistance. Appropriate PTT fiber content, with PTT fiber blended spun yarn, knitted fabrics with comfortable elastic, both conformal but also freedom of movement. But PTT spun yarn knitted fabrics wrinkle resistance than PET fiber fabrics. The organizational structure of the knitted fabric is an important factor affecting the fabric elasticity, suitable tissue, it must use the appropriate stitch density and the yarn count, to be able to obtain a high elastic shrinking fabric containing PTT fiber.