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Shantou underwear decrease in export orders

Release Time:2012-11-10 Click:540

 Shantou knitted underwear industry in the first 11 months of this year as the country's largest underwear one of the bases of the place of origin, mediocre. Yesterday, from Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau data show that the first 11 months of Shantou export of knitted underwear up a 19% reduction in batches, inspection and quarantine departments have been involved in the boot to circumvent these problems found in the regulatory process.

Shantou lingerie production and home service Mainland production accounted for 40% and 80% of products are exported to dozens of countries and regions.

Reporters learned from Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Guangdong has built the first national household textiles safety testing Key Laboratory provides technical support for the improvement of knitted underwear industry transformation and upgrading and export competitiveness, respond to unfavorable factors facing the industry .