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The Shantou Chaoyang Chaonan District underwear steady export development

Release Time:2012-11-10 Click:437

 The Shantou Chaoyang, Chaonan two districts is one of the major areas of the production and export of knitted underwear products are exported all over the world. In the case of the appreciation of the RMB, the cost of production continued to rise, Shantou CIQ fully functioning, technology and information superiority, provides a strong support for the transformation and upgrading of knitted underwear industry and improve export competitiveness. Under the grim situation facing a substantial decline in the province's foreign trade in the first quarter of this year, the two districts were exported nearly 2400 batch of knitted underwear, a total of $ 142 million, continue to maintain a steady growth trend.

It is understood that the the Shantou CIQ built in Guangdong's first national household textiles safety testing Key Laboratory for technical support, help resolve underwear industry raw materials gatekeeper, quality control and product development capabilities and technologies such as bottlenecks, strong support for the industrial transformation and upgrading, and bigger and stronger.