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Knitted underwear base: Guangdong Shantou Chaoyang gurao.

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 Rao Valley town is located in the Chaoyang District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, northwest, in Chaoyang, Jieyang, Puning the junction of three districts (cities), and convenient transportation. The town field area of 71.8 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 26 villages (neighborhood) committees, and a population of 13.35 million people, nearly 10 million people travel outside of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, Chaoyang focus Qiaoxiang one. Town completed a total industrial output value in 2002, 2.303 billion yuan, 35.32 million yuan of tax, per capita net income of farmers 3,838 yuan, export delivery value 12.1 billion yuan. 2001 as a regional center of town in Guangdong Province; 2003 for innovative pilot units specialized towns in Guangdong Province.
Gurao textile industry accounted for 95% of the total industrial town, a prominent feature of knitted underwear industry. Town from twisting, knitting, embroidery, dyeing, finished processing production processes supporting Jackie Chan, to form a complete industrial chain, has become one of the National knitted underwear, a major producer of computer embroidery products. The town of knitted underwear enterprises 396 (of which 30 enterprises above designated size), family workshops, more than 200 households, employing 5.5 million people. In recent years, the town has invested 1.5 billion yuan, 210 units imported from West Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries with the world's advanced level of production of large computer shuttle embroidery machine, warp knitting machine, 220 units, 32 units open width setting machine and other a number of advanced equipment, has a total of 32,000 pieces (sets) of equipment, the annual production of all kinds of knitted fabrics, warp knitting fabric, lace, embroidery 160 million meters, all kinds of bras 47,000,000 dozen 112,200,000, underwear, underpants 15,000,000 product sales revenue of 22.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes totaling 183 million yuan. The town of knitted garments effectively over 900 registered trademarks. Rao Valley Industrial Park (an area of 850 acres) has been basically completed the construction of the supporting, the town has more than 3,000 marketing staff distributed all over the country to carry out marketing business, chain stores, franchise monopoly, regional agents, some enterprises are still in Russia, Panama, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions to set up branches or offices, Valley Rao knitted underwear products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other.
Valley Rao town on the development of knitted underwear industry, the future will be structural adjustment as the main line, market-oriented, vigorously implement the brand strategy to improve the industry's competitiveness and market share of knitted underwear. Adhere to the progress of science and technology as the driving force, with high technology and advanced applicable technologies to transform and upgrade the level of industrial development, make great efforts to cultivate new economic growth point, the significant improvement in the quality and efficiency of economic growth. Adhere to focus on system innovation, to accelerate the realization of the traditional textile underwear industry transition to the high-tech textile underwear industry. Focus on nurturing, support and development of a number of key enterprises, a core group of technology, a number of well-known brand name products. The planning and construction of the textile and garment market, to promote the production and market integration, the formation of a new pattern.